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  • Cartier ID Two: ultimate watch

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    In recent years, Cartier wishes to recall that in addition to being jeweller, it is also a real watch brand... In this spirit, she presented a few months ago, the Cartier ID Two. A concept-watch completely outside the norm. A watch exception and avant-garde which is part of the Cartier ID which aims to imagine today, tomorrow the world watchmaking techniques... It could have been called "Cartier without oil and without setting" or "Cartier under vacuum at high efficiency and power reserve of 32 days. They are simply called Cartier ID Two.

    It is indeed unique pieces intended to express a vision, to indicate direction. That could borrow, according to mark, a watch that for two centuries is often that reinterpret ancient answers to the challenges posed by the ultra-precision. No one knows precisely when the man, for the first time, became aware of the time and sought to measure with hourglasses or sundials. But it is undoubtedly the expression 'night time' that has always expressed the idea of an extreme antiquity!

    If we set at the beginning of the 16th century the appearance of the first watch, a big piece in metal, the mathematician and philosopher d'Alembert welcomed as early as 1751 watch performance of his time: "it took a fairly long sequence of centuries to wear watches to perfection where we see them.

    Since the 19th century, generations of watchmakers have sought to improve the accuracy of the mechanisms that they created, notably through the mythical tourbillon (that we owe to Abraham-Louis Breguet) designed to offset the effects of terrestrial gravitation, it is especially the resistance of watches to the external conditions (temperature, magnetism, shocks) that has seen substantial improvements. Nowadays, the COSC-official label awarded to watches with precision becoming them of chronometers, tolerate deviations in market of-4 / + 6 seconds per day.

    But in the secrecy of their workshops, watchmakers of Switzerland strive, day after day, closer to the most extreme accuracy. ", In the heart of the manufacture Cartier, the use of new technologies and new materials allows production thousandths of a millimetre!" provides the brand in its release.

    A search of the absolute time that is akin to a quest for the Holy Grail... As an art of infinity or a science of the impossible which Cartier would bring innovative solutions through its 'concept watches' (ID One Cartier and Cartier ID Two).

    The Cartier ID Two is equipped with a limp in Ceramysttm. This new generation material is the first innovative transparent polycrystalline ceramic offering designers complete freedom of creation. Housing therefore reveals each of the elements of the movement of a matte black obtained thanks to the use of other material of tip: the ADLC.

    To reduce the pressure exerted by the air, the automotive world responds by drawing aerodynamic cars to the slender forms. To get the same effect in the field of watchmaking watches, Cartier decided to... remove the air inside the housing of its 'watch concept' cartier ID Two! The figure is staggering: inside a watch movement, three-quarters (75%) of the energy is wasted in various friction and air resistance.

    In the heart of a still sealed housing, each component in movement, also small, undergoes aerodynamic pressure which inhibits its evolutions. After thinking technical penetration coefficients improvement possibilities in the air, the teams of the research laboratory and development of manufacture had a shock idea: 'And if, instead of trying to reduce the consequences of the aerodynamic pressure, it eliminated the cause?'

    Seals, placed between the one-piece casing and the bottom as well as around the setting Crown, meanwhile were still tighter by the addition of nanoparticles. In the heart of the Cartier ID Two, the movement defeated in freedom within a ceramic case with perfect transparency reflects the absolute vacuum it houses. And in absence of any aerodynamic resistance, it can develop a far superior to traditional watches energy...

    Manufacturing watches since 1853, Cartier has marked the world of watchmaking by historical innovations. In the 33,000 m2 of the Cartier manufacture, more than 1,500 employees carrying 175 different know-how are unborn collections Ballon Bleu, Tank, Santos, Pasha, Roadster or caliber. Since its inception, the brand strives to bring a constant touch of innovation.
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